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Export Pallets (Mouseover each product ID for detailed information)

Export Pallets are exempt from IPPC and EU Regulations and are 100% recyclable which makes them perfect for exporting. Using plastic pallets for export assures all parties that the shipment will not be delayed or quarantined due to infestation issues that can occur in wooden pallets.

Learn more about packaging import/export regulations:


Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are the ideal choice for closed loop distribution, order picking and floor storage. With a nesting ratio of approximately 4 to 1, nestable pallets optimally reduce storage space and transportation costs. Applications are virtually unlimited and include export and airfreight shipments, food and pharmaceutical processing and distribution. There are many sizes and designs available to choose from. Please call immediately for over-stocked inventory!!


Fire Retardant Pallets

    • WP-FR4048

    • WP-FR3648

    • WP-FR3737


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